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Dennis Lick &
George Spencer

Collage and Found
August 19-September 17, 2017

Dennis Lick and George Spencer

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 19, 4:00-6:00pm

The Joyce Goldstein Gallery, in collaboration with Katharine T. Carter & Associates, presents Dennis Lick and George Spencer in Collage and Found, an exuberant exhibition of inventive intention.

Dennis Lick (Somerset, NJ) is a highly prolific artist who draws, paints, designs art furniture and creates collages in eye-dazzling colors. His work incorporates the multiple disciplines of astronomy, cosmology, and particle physics, and he states that his images operate outside of universal laws. They intentionally fragment perspective and defy gravity; past, present and future coalesce in their own narrative form not unlike film, music, novels, and comic strips. An avid collector of objects and curiosities, his acquisitive habits fill the environment he occupies to overflowing, a sensibility mirrored in his voracious, but discerning collages.

George Spencer (Kinderhook, NY) is a self-taught multimedia artist, published poet, filmmaker and documentarian who uses found materials to explore abstraction and political satire, color and form, incompleteness and impermanence. Discarded umbrellas, wall posters, found wood, metal, fabric and chicken wire address Spencer’s concern with the continuing decay, waste and hypocrisy associated with “Late Stage Capitalism”. A local celebrity on radio WGXC, he has directed and produced over 60 interviews of artists and poets; Spencer is currently working on a documentary about a conscientious objector.

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