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Art 4 Food

Material Composite: Sacred Space - Maidson LaVallee

March 9-April 13, 2019

Part GALLERY SHOW, PART performance art, part dinner party.

Join Artist Chefs at The Joyce Goldstein Gallery. Each artist showing will prepare a sit down dinner in the gallery for those who have purchased their work. At the opening, see the art, read the menus and meet the artists. Each purchase of art comes with a reservation for a sit down dinner with the artists and prepared by the artists in the gallery.

All art purchases/reservations will be made on the show website or in the gallery. To view the menus, the art and select the piece of art you wish to purchase, please visit ART 4 FOOD. Keep checking back for updates too!

Please Note:

Our gallery has moved down the street to 19 Central Square, next to BenGableSavories.